Kang Research Group advances our fundamental understanding of coupled flow processes in porous and fractured media. We combine theory, high-performance numerical simulation, and visual laboratory experiments to understand how the coupling between multiple processes such as biogeochemical, thermal, and mechanical processes controls fluid flow and reactive transport across scales: from pore to fracture to field scale. Based on the improved understanding of the multi-scale phenomena, we develop predictive models for water resources and environmental applications such as contaminant transport, subsurface characterization, aquifer storage and recovery, and groundwater and surface-water interactions.

Contact: pkkang@umn.edu


Recent news:

  • I have open positions for MS and PhD students. Please contact me with your full CV if interested. I am looking for a student with strong fluid mechanics and numerical modeling background. Please click the following link for details: PhD_UMN_KRG
  • [June 10-14] Peter gives invited research seminars in China at Zhejiang University, Hohai University, and Nanjing University.
  • Peter Kang receives the 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award (NTFA) for his project titled: “Understanding and predicting biofilm dynamics on rough surfaces: the interplay among fluid flow, roughness, and biofilm”.
  • [Jan 22, 2019] Peter Kang became an affiliated faculty member of the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) at the University of Minnesota.