We study flow and transport in porous and fractured media. We combine theory, numerical simulation and experiments to further advance fundamental understanding of the fluid flow and mass transport across scales: from pore to fracture to field scale. Based on the understanding of the multi-scale phenomena, we develop predictive models for real world problems in areas of subsurface energy and water resources, including subsurface contaminant transport, reservoir characterization, aquifer storage and recovery (managed aquifer recharge), and water filtration.

Contact: pkkang@kist.re.kr / pkkang@mit.eduPoreFracFieldRecent news:

  • [May 12, 2017]  My paper on improved characterization of heterogeneous permeability in saline aquifers accepted in Water Resources Research. (read the paper)
  • [April 1, 2017]  My paper on anomalous transport in disordered fracture networks accepted in Advances in Water Resources. (read the paper)