Reactive Transport

We study reactive transport in porous and fractured media to understand the key underlying mechanisms and to develop parsimonious predictive models. Two main research areas involving reactive transport simulations are:

1. Reactive transport in fractured media: We study reactive transport in fractured media from single rough fracture scale to fracture network scale. We combine microfluidics experiments and numerical simulations to study the interplay between flow, transport, mixing, spreading and reaction in fractured media.


2. Reactive transport during managed aquifer recharge: Figure below depicts an ongoing aquifer storage transfer and recovery (one type of managed aquifer recharge) project site in South Korea. The basic idea is to inject fresh surface water into confined aquifer during rainy season for long term storage and water quality improvements. The key challenge is the prediction of water quality change of injected surface water in subsurface. We combine field experiments and reactive transport simulations to develop models for water quality predictions.


More details will be updated soon.

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